Five Ways to Nail Your First Kickstarter Video

In recent years, Kickstarter has earned a reputation as a great resource to help all sorts of projects get off the ground. Funding from people around the world through Kickstarter has helped launched businesses, create awesome new products, fund humanitarian projects, and more. With the wealth of projects that exist on Kickstarter just waiting to be funded, making your project stand out can be a challenge. But having an awesome video can go a long way towards achieving that. Here are five ways to make sure that you first Kickstarter video nails it.

1). Keep it short and sweet.

In today’s fast paced world, potential funders are too busy to watch a five minute or longer video. If the first ten seconds of your video doesn’t catch their attention, they aren’t going to watch the rest, regardless of how short it is. So start with something catchy to draw viewers in and get them interested in your ideas.

After you have a catchy introduction statistics show shorter videos perform best per the limited attention span of viewers, mentioned above. There are exceptions to recommended length. If you have a great production team, remarkable product, and some other spectacular elements to your video (celebrities, interviews, media, press); then you may get away with a longer video. (see point #3’s example)

2). Make sure your video is completely legal

Copyright laws apply to your video regardless of whether your project is of a personal or business nature. So avoid using any copyrighted music, images, or logos in your video. If you can’t make your own, check out sites that offer content that is royalty-free, including Vimeo, Free Music Archive, or TuneFruit.

3). Keep your video true to yourself and to your project

Anyone who has ever visited Kickstarter’s site has likely noticed that the ideas of community and personality are highly valued. Funders want to know who they are backing, and why they should be backing those people. When you film your video, make sure that your passion and energy for your project shines through. You’ll also want to show viewers why they should trust you to follow through with your ideas.

Note: Now Pono for example has raised over 6 million dollars to date via their kickstarter marketing campaign. Their video (seen below), breaks rule #1 with over an 11 minute video introducing their product. However, they adhere to just about every other tip on the list including an introduction that sparks massive curiosity. After watching for 10 seconds you’ll begin to wonder, “What does Pono sound like? How is the technology superior to other audio devices?  And, what other celebrities might I see supporting this product?”

4). Cover all of the important points

Potential funders need to know a few important details about your project, all of which you’ll want to incorporate into your video. First, tell them who you are and the story or inspiration behind your project. Once again, keep it personal and let your passion show. Next you’ll need to actually ask people to support you. Let them know why your project is important and why you need their money to succeed. You should also follow this up with a description of your rewards and how awesome they are, to draw funders in. Make sure to mention that without viewers’ support you won’t reach your goal, which means that you won’t receive any funding at all. Finally, make sure to thank everyone profusely.

5). Make a lasting impression

You’ll want to finish your video with a final plea and a reminder about your awesome rewards, including video or photos of them, to help seal the deal with funders. Finish with a call to action, to help grab anyone who hasn’t quite decided whether or not to add their funding. This is your last chance to make an impression, so make it count.


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