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5 Reasons to Use Retargeting Ads

what is retargeting adsAnyone selling through a website should use retargeting.  It is an amazing tactic to make sure people purchase your products.  Retargeting can help you reach potential customers.  Those that are already interested and will likely complete a purchase.  Retargeting is easy to set up and will help you bring in more customers.

When using a link based retargeting strategy you have a link that is used for advertising.  Once someone clicks that link they will start to see the retargeting ads that you have created.  Why this tactic works so well can be explain by 5 principles.  You gain trust, it is easy, you will have more conversions through reminders, and it is quick to set up.


easy retarget testimonial

In a world where advertisements are everywhere people have started to zone out when they realize there is a sales pitch coming.  An advertisement is only effective if it captures the attention of the consumer.  Something that is widely popular for any product is testimonials.  A real person reviewing the product and telling their honest option of it.

Testimonials are great because people who love your product already are happy to share their experience with others.  Potential customers are more likely to trust a friend that has tried a new weight loss shake versus trusting the company that has produced it.  People expect companies to make their products out to be better than they are, but they trust their friends to make a good recommendation.

People Love People

testimonial thank you

Facebook is a site that is centered around staying connected with people.  When people are scrolling through their page they expect to see their friend’s experiencing their lives.  Work with the natural flow of their page and advertise your service or product by showing someone using it.

People like pictures of people that are happy.  We want to be happy ourselves and are likely to want a product or service that helps us achieve that.

This will allow people to be drawn to the advertisement to figure out what is happening instead of turned away because they are being sold something.  It can also show that your product is desirable because the people are using it and enjoying themselves.


How Retargeting works

Retargeting is not like other tactics.  It is is tracked and will start as soon as your link is selected.  People will begin to see your retargeting ads as soon as they have left your page.  Your brand and products will stay fresh in their mind because your ads will always be there to remind them that they want to make a purchase.  If your ad makes them believe that they need to make a purchase now or miss out it is more likely that they will.  People hate to miss out on a good deal.

Audience’s Interests

Audience interest

Always think of the audience you are looking to attract.  Find your niche and tailor your ads to appeal to those people.  If you are selling RV’s you will want an add that appeals to anyone that travels and likes to camp.  Choose the two ideas you want to use and then create your ad from them.  These ideas should meet in the middle so you are able to appeal to two audiences at the same time.

When you get to know your audience you are able to use strategies to make your ad more appealing to that group.  Something to keep in mind is color.  Depending on your age group you will want to use different color schemes for your ad.  The younger generation likes warmer colors like red and the older generation prefers the cool colors like blue.  While this does not always fit it can be a way to start your design.

More Conversions

conversion ads

Every website has traffic.  Whether it is people that are interested or those that have stumbled on it by accident.  When a company wants to see is those accidental clicks turning into profit or conversions.  Meaning people are coming to your website to make a purchase and follow through.

Many people research extensively before they make a purchase.  You may have someone that visits multiple times before they make their final decision.  Retargeting is optimized for people that already know your product.  They have seen your website before and are already interested in making a purchase.  When they use your retargeting link they are more likely to complete a purchase.

If your company has not begun to use retargeting you are missing out on potential customers.  Every person that clicks away from your website could potentially make a purchase from another company or not make a purchase at all.  With retargeting those potential customers can be your converted customers.

That means more traffic, more profit, and more brand awareness.

how to setup facebook retargeting ads

How to setup Facebook Retargeting Ads in 15 Minutes

How to setup Facebook Retargeting Ads

When it comes to Facebook for the typical user, seeing an ad for a recently visited website as they scroll through their feed looking for the usual cat videos and meme posts may seem like magic.

Digital Marketers who are trained to see between the lines know that it’s not magic but retargeting in action. Retargeting is one of the best advertising strategies that can be used for closing in on sales and it also gives some of the greatest returns that you can get on your ad spend.

The way that retargeting works on Facebook is rather straightforward. It puts you in a position that allows you further engage with people who have been on your website but didn’t complete the final step of hitting that buy button or taking another action that you wanted them to. There are numerous offers that you can pursue to see what the customer will respond to best, perhaps a discount will sweeten the deal even further, or maybe free shipping will make them pull out the credit card? There’s nothing stopping you from running a split test to see which offer will convert best.

how to setup facebook retargeting ads in seconds

To put these strategies into motion for your campaigns you will have to begin by understanding how to create and iterate on Facebook retargeting campaigns. The guide we’ve put together below will go a long way in helping you do just that.

Just what is Retargeting?

Let’s take a step backwards for a moment and learn about the process from the ground up. Retargeting is a marketing tool that has proven to be an extremely effective tool for reaching people that have shown interest in your website and product offerings on other mediums like Facebook. This is very powerful as sometimes for whatever reason, someone might not complete a transaction and then end up forgetting about it but retargeting allows you to remind them about why they were looking at your product or service in the first place.

To get a visual breakdown of the process, take a look at the below image from

how retargeting ads work

The Custom Audiences feature on Facebook allows you to place a bit of code on your website that then places a tracking cookie on your visitors computer. This code then broadcasts the information to Facebook detailing which pages were viewed on your website by each visitor.

With this data in hand you are then able to use the preferences of your Custom Audience to retarget different segments. An example being, retargeting people who browsed an item a few times or someone who added items to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase.

For a real world example of this in action, we recently ran a retargeting campaign on Facebook for an auto dealer in Ocean Crest San Diego. We keyed in on people who looked at specific cars on their site.

There was a great chance that if they looked a certain models they were interested in making a purchase or learning more so we then showed them an ad on Facebook that gave them more information and took the chance to show an impressive image of the car.

facebook ad example

Using images that look great in your ads will help with getting the attention of your audience on Facebook

It turned out that the earlier assumption was correct, the results of the campaign produced great results for us and the client. Conversions increased by a whopping 44%!

When used right, retargeting is a very very powerful tool that enables you to re-engage with and further educate your customers which can make them much more comfortable with making a choice about your product or your services. Next we’ll go through a step by step process at creating your first campaign that will have you churning them out in no time.

The 5 Step Process to Creating a Facebook Retargeting Campaign

Ok so you’re now ready to setup your Facebook Retargeting campaign, going through these simple steps in sequence will have you in business. To follow these instructions you will need to already have a Facebook account that lets you manage business ads.


1. Log in to your Facebook Ads then hit Audiences

Using the dropdown menu after clicking on Business Manager at the top left-hand side of the screen you’ll find Audiences, which is the option we want to select.


2. Click on Create Audience and select Custom Audiences

Next using the top left of the screen again, we’ll look for Create Audience. Since we’re interested in getting a retargeting campaign going we’ll need to choose Custom Audience, the powerful feature that lets us target the specific people who take specific actions when they visit a website.

facebook power editor

3. Select Website Traffic

As you’ll see there are a variety of options but for our purposes right now we’re solely interested in the option Website Traffic so that we can target the people who came to our site.

setting up facebook retargeting ads

4. Using the Drop-down List Choose the Target Audience

The following screen will give you the below options for creating your desired audience for targeting.

  1. Anyone who visits your website
  2. People who visit specific pages
  3. People visiting specific web pages but not others
  4. People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time
  5. Custom combination

facebook retargeting ads example

The image above gives you an idea of how it would look if we were to set up a custom audience for people who are visiting a blog. You can further fine-tune the audience by setting a specific date range and naming it.


5. Place The Pixel Code on Your Website

To begin making use of retargeting you’ll need to have the pixel (tracking) code on your website.

The pixel is the name giving to the code that is placed on your website for tracking visitors. Why the name pixel? Because that’s literally what it is and does. A small 1×1 transparent pixel is placed on the pages of your website. The visitors won’t see the pixel but it will track the pages that they visit and can inform you of the actions that they’ve taken to arrive at the pages.

To find your unique pixel code you’ll have to head over to the Audiences section of your Ads Manager, select the new retargeting campaign that we just created, click on the Actions button and then View Panel from the dropdown menu that appears.

create facebook audience

This is where you’ll find your pixel base code (the one in the image is blurred for privacy reasons but yours will be fine), for placing on your website. It’s a simple process but if you’re not comfortable with doing it then speak to your web developer to get it going.

facebook retargeting

After it’s in place the campaign can now begin and you can track your results!

Getting the Most Out of Your Retargeting Campaigns

To give your campaigns the best chances of being successful it’s a good idea to have a plan in place for commanding the attention of your targeted audience and making sure that they have a reason for re-entering your sales cycle.

Always have a clear goal in mind of the specifics that you have for your campaign. Who do you want to target? What do you want them to do? The answers to these questions will greatly influence the outcome of your retargeting campaigns and help you understand if they are successful or not.

facebook retargeting ads

After you’ve answered these questions then you can create an ad that will stop your audience in their tracks and make them re-engage with you. We’ve provided another example below that does a great job of this. It’s eye-catching and encourages the viewer to make an action by giving them the right incentives to go to Amazon and make a decision today.

Using the above steps and principles will give you a solid foundation for starting your rockstar retargeting career. To spot opportunities for improvement don’t forget to make use of split A/B testing to see which ads give you the best results and never stop testing.

Of course if this seems difficult or “too technical” in nature; there is a much easier solution. That would be us, Easy Retarget. Our software helps automate the retargeting process for you so that in about 15 minutes you’ll have retargeting ads ready to go on Facebook!

EasyRetarget Makes Retargeting Super Simple

Our software EasyRetarget allows anybody to run retargeting ads to any website! That’s right if you’re raising money on Kickstarter, selling products on Amazon, or offering hand crafted goods on Etsy, with easyretarget; you can run retargeting ads back to your promotional page. It even works if you’re promoting an affiliate offer!

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