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More UTM Support Than Ever Before

Greetings! We have very exciting news to announce today. We have officially launched a greatly improved system to better support UTM values and source tracking, in an effort for Easy Retarget to be as invisible as possible during your campaign. Not to brag, but we now support UTM values better than ;).

As you may have noticed, if you did not use UTM parameters on your links before, then your Google Analytics or Kickstarter Dashboard may show “” as the referrer source, even if you posted your links to Facebook. That’s not right! You should be able to see the data for your campaign, and we should be a small tool in the background. With that said, we’re very proud to announce upgrade UTM and source support.

Not sure what UTM values even are?

No problem! UTM values are basically small identifiers that you tack onto the end of URLs. These then tell Google Analytics (or other tracking software) where the person came from. By default, you do not need to do this, but it allows for even more granular tracking of your traffic. To learn more about UTM values, and to add UTM values to your URL, check out the Google URL Builder.

Here’s how the three new scenarios play out for use with UTM values (or without):

SCENARIO 1 – You DO NOT Specify UTM Values

If you DO NOT specify UTM values (i.e. utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign) to your link, then we will automatically pass the referral information over to your dashboard. For example, if you post your link to Facebook and someone clicks on it, then your analytics will show the source as “”. The medium as “referral”, and the campaign as “ezrt”.

SCENARIO 2 – You Specify UTM Values on Your Full Link

If you DO specify UTM values on the non-shortened link, then those will override anything that we have passed through. For example, if you post that same link to Facebook, but specify the utm_source as “facebook-12345” then in your Kickstarter reporting you’ll see the source as “facebook-12345”, not

SCENARIO 3 – You Specify UTM Values on Your link

Yes, you can now add UTM values to the shortened link and those will be passed through properly. This is HUGE, as you no longer need to create a unique shortened link for each UTM parameter. Simple take your link and add UTM parameters to it just like you would any other link. Those values will then be passed through to your Google Analytics. However, keep in mind that within Easy Retarget we will still only show the link WITHOUT the parameters, and the clicks for that link are for ANY clicks to that link, they are not UTM specific.

Hopefully you’re as excited as we are with this update. Ready to give it a shot?

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Easy Retarget Releases Pro Version

ezrt_proThe Easy Retarget platform has been used to help raise over $1,000,000 on Kickstarter within the first few months of our public launch, but we’re just getting started. We are constantly gathering feedback from our users to make the platform better, while still maintaining the simplicity that they love. One common piece of feedback from our users was that they wanted the ability to use other retargeting pixels such as Google AdWords, AdRoll, ReTargeter, and many others for their campaigns.

Well, we heard you loud and clear, and we’re super excited to announce the launch of Easy Retarget Pro. Pro users get all of the great benefits of our Basic plan (such as automated Facebook retargeting), but now have the ability to create “Pro Links”.


A Pro Link lets you easily take your usual destination URL and then add up to 10 Pixels from ANY provider (i.e. Facebook, Google AdWords/Double Click, AdRoll, etc.) and we’ll instantly give you a nice new shortened link to use just like you’re used to. Anyone that clicks on that link will automatically be added to all of the retargeting audiences that are within that link.

No need to create a Facebook ad through our system!

With Pro Links you have complete control. All of the ads are created directly through your favorite platforms per usual, you just give us the pixel you need to fire, and consider it done.

Try Out Easy Retarget Pro!


This is really what we’re most excited about. Pro Links expand Easy Retarget into so many different use cases. Pro Links give you the ability to continue business as usual on your end, but bring the power of managing audiences to a whole new level. Here are just a few use cases:

Segment Backers and Target with Unique Ads

Use two EZRT links for your Kickstarter retargeting campaign to help track conversions on Kickstarter and easily remove backers from your main retargeting ads, and show them specific ads targeted to backers. Want more info on how to do this? Click Here.

After Your Kickstarter Campaign is Over

Getting some good press and media coverage after a successful campaign? Promote all your media coverage without feeling like you’re just sending people to another website that you can’t control. Use an link so visitors get added to your retargeting audience.

Content Publishers

Are you sending traffic to articles on another website such as Forbes, Huffington Post, or any others? Why just let them retarget the traffic you send them? Quickly create a pro link, paste your pixels in and you’re good to go!

Affiliate Marketers

Sending people to someone else’s landing page is great, unless they decide to leave that page. You just put the effort to send them there, and then lost them. With Pro Links, just paste your affiliate link into Easy Retarget, select your pixels to add, and go!

There are thousands of other use cases for Easy Retarget and our new Pro Plan. Try it out today, and let us know what you’re using it for!

Try Out Easy Retarget Pro!