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6 New Facebook Advertising Design Tips

6 facebook ads secret

To see more sales in your business your advertisements must draw people in.  Facebook can be used as an advertising tool to reach a widespread audience.  All of your ads need to be designed so they are pleasing to look at and will make people want to purchase your product or service.

A good ad shows consistency from the ad to the website.  People expect the same quality from what they click on to what they are redirected to.  By strategically placing your ad in the right area on Facebook you will optimize your views.

Being truthful in your campaign is always the best way to gain customers.

Adding a bit of color will help you draw in more people.  Images send powerful messages.  Make sure the image you use sends the message that your business is ready to provide a good experience to all their customers.  Something that catches anyone’s attention is free.  When offering free products you are likely to have an influx of traffic on your site.  Use these 6 tips to make sure you have an ad that is designed for success.

1. Consistency is Key

consistency is the key for advertising

When people see an advertisement and become interested they want to be able to find that product.  The worst type of advertisement is one that shows a product or advertises a service that cannot be found on the website.  If you have a picture of an item that is not for sale on your site you are going to lose credibility.

People will assume that you are using false advertising to pull in customers.  This makes people feel uneasy about making purchases from your business.  An ad should bring them directly to the product that was shown.  Instead of redirecting them to the main page of your site.  Anyone that has ever been redirected to an unexpected web page knows the annoyance of trying to find that perfect product again.

No one should have to search for what you are advertising.  That should be the easy part of the process for them.  If they do have to search they are likely to give up and find it somewhere else.

The website should have a similar design to your advertisement.  The advertisement is what drew them in to start.  If your advertisement has a lot of fancy font and vibrant images but your website is a simple HTML page people will be put off.  Expectations are drawn from advertisements before they visit your site.  Be sure you match them.

People tend to scroll through Facebook quickly.  If your ad has a lot of words or is too messy no one will stop to look at it.  Facebook is used when people are on breaks at work or relaxing.  They do not want to stop to read a book about why your product is better than your competitors.

Make pictures the focal point of your advertisement.  Pictures capture the attention of people more than blocks of words.  Remember to explain what your product or service is but do it in as few words as possible.  Simplicity is more appealing and will make people want to learn more about an interesting post.

2. Right Ad in Right Place

Facebook advertising easy retarget

Facebook allows you to change the placement of your ad.  This is helpful because you are able to place your advertisement in the perfect spot where people will be more likely to pay attention to it.  Depending on what type of business you have you will want a different position.

The mobile newsfeed is popular because many people use their mobile devices for their searching purposes.  When making a buying decision they will do a quick search on their phone to see if it is a good purchase.  Even though many people see your ad on mobile devices it does not mean you are going to get a lot of purchases.

Research tends to take place on mobile devices.  People will “like” a page and forget that it existed.  It is a great way for your brand to become more familiar because they are likely to see your ad again.

The desktop newsfeed gives you access to an area optimized for making sales.  It is able to give you ample room for a link and a description on the product.

The desktop column is much more cost effective even though it does not reach as many people.  The downside is you have less room to fit your information in.  Your image is going to be shrunk and so will your text.  This type of advertisement will attract the attention of current customers that want to be return customers.  It is not as likely to get you new customers.

3. Always be Credible

Be credible

Businesses want their company to look good.  Customers know that advertisements are a bit over the top.  It is the business’s job to make their product look like the only choice on the market.  With that being said, do not embellish too much.  If you make promises that you know your business cannot back you are going to have very angry customers later.

Tell the truth about your product.  Talk up the aspects of it that are great.  The parts that are better than other company’s.  That way all of your customers know what they are getting and will not be disappointed by outlandish promises.

4. Color Makes it Pop

collorful ad does matter

People love color.  It helps to draw more attention to your advertisement.  That does not mean you have to have a rainbow on your advertisement.  Using a simple two or three colors can be just as exciting.  Pay attention to the colors you choose.  Try choosing colors that are contrasting so they will stand out from each other.

Remember that Facebook already uses blue and white as the color scheme.  If your ad is primarily blue and white it may be glossed over as a Facebook routine post.

When creating an advertisement make sure you are able to see everything clearly.  Try to avoid using fonts that can be hard to read.  If your font is not clear people are not likely to work to read it.  Instead they will skip over your advertisement and move on to the next best thing on their feed.  Using a font or two that are easy to read can bring attention to different aspects of the picture.

If you are having a sale you may want the word sale in a different font or have a different size to show it is an exciting event that they must participate in immediately.  Tread carefully with using many different fonts in one advertisement.  Even if your fonts are clear to read there is no need to change your font every word.  This will disrupt the flow of your words and will be a headache for your potential customers to decipher.

5. Location Images

location images

Facebook is able to reach people in all areas.  A good advertisement will be catered to who you are servicing.  If you are based out of Iowa but are starting to open agencies in Wisconsin you should change your images to reflect that.

Location images make people feel more connected to a brand.  If someone recognizing an image and it is an area you see all the time you will be inclined to use that brand.  They are more home-grown and trustworthy.

6. Power of Free

free products

Who doesn’t get excited when they hear the words free?  Free trial, free food, free products are great!  It can be a way to get your product to potential customers and get them to come back for more.  Of course it would be bad business to give all your product away for free.

There are ways to make people feel like they are getting free product when they are making a purchase.  Buy one get one sales are exciting and can help you to increase your sales while keeping customers happy.  Advertise new products with tried and true product and throw in a sample with purchases already being made.

When advertising with Facebook there are many aspects to consider.  So many people have access to your advertisement and it can be a great jumping point for a business to gain customers.  The difference between a good ad and a bad ad is one that circulates.  If your ad catches people’s attention more people are going to give it a “like”.  The more people like it the more their friend’s will see it.

An ad circulating through Facebook can reach hundreds or thousands of people quickly.  Your business must utilize these design tips to make sure your advertisement gets noticed.

5 Reasons to Use Retargeting Ads

what is retargeting adsAnyone selling through a website should use retargeting.  It is an amazing tactic to make sure people purchase your products.  Retargeting can help you reach potential customers.  Those that are already interested and will likely complete a purchase.  Retargeting is easy to set up and will help you bring in more customers.

When using a link based retargeting strategy you have a link that is used for advertising.  Once someone clicks that link they will start to see the retargeting ads that you have created.  Why this tactic works so well can be explain by 5 principles.  You gain trust, it is easy, you will have more conversions through reminders, and it is quick to set up.


easy retarget testimonial

In a world where advertisements are everywhere people have started to zone out when they realize there is a sales pitch coming.  An advertisement is only effective if it captures the attention of the consumer.  Something that is widely popular for any product is testimonials.  A real person reviewing the product and telling their honest option of it.

Testimonials are great because people who love your product already are happy to share their experience with others.  Potential customers are more likely to trust a friend that has tried a new weight loss shake versus trusting the company that has produced it.  People expect companies to make their products out to be better than they are, but they trust their friends to make a good recommendation.

People Love People

testimonial thank you

Facebook is a site that is centered around staying connected with people.  When people are scrolling through their page they expect to see their friend’s experiencing their lives.  Work with the natural flow of their page and advertise your service or product by showing someone using it.

People like pictures of people that are happy.  We want to be happy ourselves and are likely to want a product or service that helps us achieve that.

This will allow people to be drawn to the advertisement to figure out what is happening instead of turned away because they are being sold something.  It can also show that your product is desirable because the people are using it and enjoying themselves.


How Retargeting works

Retargeting is not like other tactics.  It is is tracked and will start as soon as your link is selected.  People will begin to see your retargeting ads as soon as they have left your page.  Your brand and products will stay fresh in their mind because your ads will always be there to remind them that they want to make a purchase.  If your ad makes them believe that they need to make a purchase now or miss out it is more likely that they will.  People hate to miss out on a good deal.

Audience’s Interests

Audience interest

Always think of the audience you are looking to attract.  Find your niche and tailor your ads to appeal to those people.  If you are selling RV’s you will want an add that appeals to anyone that travels and likes to camp.  Choose the two ideas you want to use and then create your ad from them.  These ideas should meet in the middle so you are able to appeal to two audiences at the same time.

When you get to know your audience you are able to use strategies to make your ad more appealing to that group.  Something to keep in mind is color.  Depending on your age group you will want to use different color schemes for your ad.  The younger generation likes warmer colors like red and the older generation prefers the cool colors like blue.  While this does not always fit it can be a way to start your design.

More Conversions

conversion ads

Every website has traffic.  Whether it is people that are interested or those that have stumbled on it by accident.  When a company wants to see is those accidental clicks turning into profit or conversions.  Meaning people are coming to your website to make a purchase and follow through.

Many people research extensively before they make a purchase.  You may have someone that visits multiple times before they make their final decision.  Retargeting is optimized for people that already know your product.  They have seen your website before and are already interested in making a purchase.  When they use your retargeting link they are more likely to complete a purchase.

If your company has not begun to use retargeting you are missing out on potential customers.  Every person that clicks away from your website could potentially make a purchase from another company or not make a purchase at all.  With retargeting those potential customers can be your converted customers.

That means more traffic, more profit, and more brand awareness.