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10 Tips You Need To Know Before Launching Your Kickstarter Campaign

When it comes to Kickstarter, you’ve got one launch – one make-or-break shot to move up the rankings and get the exposure necessary to fund your campaign. Easy Retarget was built by a team with multiple crowdfunding campaigns under their belts. We’ve been through it, and trust us, these tips are crucial for a successful campaign. Here are ten top tips for executing a stellar Kickstarter campaign, and yes #11 is using Easy Retarget ;):

  1. Quality counts.

Everything you produce should be high quality – your presentation should look as professional as possible. If something doesn’t look good, don’t show it. Find a professional photographer to help you produce high quality photos that showcase your product effectively.

The best videos are those that show what’s cool about the project and cause viewers to like and want to support the creator. Have a compelling story scripted out before you shoot your video, and create a clear call to action at the end. Include some outside testimonials from friends for social proof.

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  1. Create attractive rewards.

To motivate your backers, you need to have rewards people can get excited about, and those rewards should offer good value for money. Calculate exactly how much your business requires to go forward, and don’t ask for any more than you absolutely need.

Don’t forget to account for Kickstarter and Amazon Payments fees, as well as taxes and the cost of all the rewards you’re giving out. Come up with rewards and price points that allow you to meet your goal while giving participants a great deal.

  1. Move beyond your comfort zone.

Nothing attracts a crowd more than a crowd. You need to create a crowd that is clamoring for your product before your campaign even launches. You don’t want to publicly share a campaign that has zero money in it. Contact your friends and family several times before launching, and get your network primed for first day funding and shares to maximize your results.

You have to be willing to put yourself out there, and ask friends, family, and strangers for help. For more introverted types, this can be intimidating, but it is essential in order to communicate your passion about your project to your supporters. This is what connects people to your project emotionally, and motivates them to want to see you succeed.

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  1. Be the force behind the project.

Founders should have a say regarding every part of the project, and need to be the face of the campaign.  Backers are more willing to contribute to a project when they can see that the creators are serious and enthusiastic about it.

You need to be prepared to share your plan of action in as much detail as possible. Break down your timeframe – tell people when things are going to happen, and where the money is going to go. Make your estimates as precise as possible.

  1. Motivate people to help.

Remember that you aren’t just selling a product, you’re selling yourself. You need to effectively communicate your story and get people excited about participating in a new endeavor. For some people, helping to launch something great means much more than just receiving a product.

You need to capitalize on telling an inspirational story and offer people reasons to support your campaign. Always ask yourself, “In what way does this improve or transform this person’s life?” Answer that question through your Kickstarter copy and video, and you’ll have no difficulty motivating others.

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  1. Engage the community.

It’s important to create a good relationship with the community by being honest and upfront with them about everything. Share details about what you are doing and why you’re doing it. Provide frequent updates and respond promptly to comments and messages.

Reach out on social media and encourage followers to share your stuff. You want to maximize all social sharing and press for the first 48 hours of launch. Some press leads to more press, which drives even more revenue.

  1. Organize, organize, organize.

Everything should be written down, accounted for, and stored in one place. Campaign emails should also be organized in order to keep track of information going back and forth, so you can stay up-to-date on correspondence.

You’re going to have a tremendous volume of information to keep up with, and if you aren’t keeping up with it, you are going to have problems.

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  1. Invest in newsletter marketing.

Even the very best products would likely fail in the marketplace without the right exposure. Use email marketing to send newsletters to all of your subscribers.

Be sure they are compelling by including graphics, ensuring that key information is at the top, and providing quick access to all of your rewards.

  1. Turn your backers into friends.

Even with the backing of friends and family, you’ll still need to reach a large number of people with whom you share no prior relationship. Utilize your campaign to become better friends with your audience.

Respond to every single comment from them, and let them know you are there if they have questions. You should always be sincere, transparent, and giving. This motivates backers to spread the news about your campaign and encourage others to participate.

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  1. Avoid sending mass messages.

While it is essential that you create newsletters and correspond with your supporters, it’s important to do it correctly. No one likes mass messages for the simple reason that people want to feel special.

If you want people to contribute to your campaign, you should invest the time to write a personalized email to every contact. Custom tailor your messages to indicate that you’re actually talking to each individual separately.

These aren’t just people that bought a product on Amazon – they’re your earliest and most enthusiastic supporters. You should send an individual, personalized thank-you email to every backer within 24 hours of receiving their pledge.

Your biggest supporters can quickly become your most vocal critics if you ignore them. Send consistent updates – share your product development progress and provide company updates to make your supporters feel that they’re part of your project.


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