What IsRetargeting?

Have you ever gone to your favorite online store and looked for a product, but decided that it wasn't the right time to buy. Then you decide to head on over to Facebook to keep up on your social media, only to discover that there is an advertisement for the EXACT product you just looked at? That's called retargeting. With Easy Retarget you can take advantage of this expert tactic, without needing a MBA in marketing. In fact, it's so simple, you can get your first campaign live in under a minute.

Easy Retarget has been used on Kickstarter campaigns
to help raise over $6,200,000!


It’s been brilliant and your service has been epic. I’m reaching about 700 people everyday with an average of 30% of that clicking through to the Kickstarter. And I know that they’re interested in the project because it often leads to a conversion.

Ollie, Mind Journals - Raised $65,093

Easy Retarget made it easy for our agency to roll out a complete retargeting strategy for our client’s Kickstarter campaign. Creating links for our different retargeting audiences was a breeze, and we liked being able to place multiple retargeting pixels into each link, including our AdRoll pixel! Thanks again!

Sean, KLR Boots - Raised $48,586

Running a succesful Kickstarter campaign is all about staying on the minds of your audience. Easy Retarget is the best way to get the most out of your marketing efforts and make sure your audience remembers you! Thanks Again!

Cary, SafeSleeve Kickstarter- Raised $22,215

Howit works

Kickstarter and many other websites don't allow for the use of retargeting pixels on their website. However, EasyRetarget is not just pixel based, it's link based too. This allows you to still take advantage of the power of retargeting when placing a pixel is not possible. Here's how our basic plan works (we also have a Pro Plan for you marketing gurus - compare plans):

1. Paste your Kickstarter URL (or any other website) into EasyRetarget here

2. EasyRetarget will help you create a Facebook Ad step-by-step. (optional for Pro members)

3. We'll automatically publish your ad to Facebook for you and give you a simple new short link to use

4. Use your new link for ALL of your marketing efforts to promote your project. 

5. Anyone who clicks on your new link will see the retargeting ads you created. Yes it's that simple.


Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page!


Monthly Basic

  • Create up to 5 Retargeting Links
  • Simple Facebook Retargeting
  • Standard Support
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.
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Monthly Pro

  • Create up to 35 Editable Retargeting Links
  • Implement ANY Pixels (FB, AdWords, AdRoll, etc.)
  • VIP Coaching & Support
  • No Contract. Cancel Anytime.
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